App for tracking sales expenses


Can anyone suggest an app (or HubSpot workaround) that would allow us to track *expense* line items on a deal in order to calculate deal profitability?


This is for a general contractor who will be using HubSpot deal data to calculate sales commissions in the app QuotaPath, and profit is a key metric for calculating the sales commissions. 


We can't use the actual line item object "unit cost" because it would just make the whole thing extremely messy - the expenses will vary for each project and get entered in on an ongoing basis as they occur, in amounts of 50+ per deal, to ultimately calculate the overall profit at the end. 


Any advice is appreciated!

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Hi @CDeveloper 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Mike_Eastwood @LouiseGlover @Jonno_Price do you have any thought for @CDeveloper on this? 


Thank you!



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Hi @CDeveloper , 

Hmm... thinking cap on! I'm still trying to find a solution for you here. 

I'm going to test out my theory in my account and then share the results if it works out. 


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Thank you! CDeveloper is me, I accidentally posted this while logged in to my company's general HubSpot account haha. Couple of things I've looked into in the meantime - just general project management apps like Teamwork,, and PSOhub, but none of the integrations that I've looked into offer the two-way update that I need to get that expense data back into HubSpot. After that I was thinking we could at least do something with Zapier and a PM app. It's not ideal but I think it would be doable that way! 

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Did you ever figure out if your solution was going to work or not? We are still trying to jerry-rig something together for this so any additional ideas are appreciated!