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App Spotlight #5: App Accelerator Program Sales Hub & CRM Apps 🧰

It’s time for last edition of the App Accelerator Program Spotlight! We hope you have enjoyed this series, and learned something new. 


Last week, we highlighted: . This week, we would like to spotlight three apps that integrate with your CRM and can help with your business processes. 



Overview: SubmitHero streamlines the candidate application process by integrating forms with the HubSpot. Companies can track application process on a dashboard, and view applicant information in the CRM. This app is useful for Accelerators / Incubators, Grants, Awards, Competitions Programs with entry requirements and Goverment Organizations. 

Code level: Low code

Integrates with: HubSpot, Airtable, Microsoft Teams, Notion, Salesforce, and Slack

HubSpot tools it integrates with: Contacts

How it integrates with the CRM: Individual form submissions are synced with the contact record. A link to the form submission is added as a note and is viewable within the activity feed.





Overview: Deliver a delightful onboarding experience with Collect. Collect allows you to create a personalized onboarding portal for each of your clients from a contact, deal, ticket or company record using CRM data and properties. Track your client’s advancement and validate their documents within HubSpot.

Code level: Low code and customization options available

Integrates with: HubSpot, Rest API, Zapier 

HubSpot tools it integrates with: Contacts, companies, deals, tickets, workflows, contact & company insights

How it integrates with the CRM: Your customers can decide which data they share with Collect to make a personalized and dynamic onboarding experience. 



Mercado Libre para HubSpot

Overview: Mercado Libre is an application for Spanish-speaking customers that helps companies and individuals sell and offer their products while tracking customer data and orders within HubSpot. Mercado Libe also allows customer service and sales teams to manage questions, queries and return claims within HubSpot. 

Code level: Low code

Integrates with: HubSpot, MercadoLibre and PortalInmobiliario

HubSpot tools it integrates with: Contacts, deals, tickets, tasks, engagements, email templates, team email

How it integrates with the CRM: A ticket record in HubSpot is created each time a customer asks a question, has a query or would like to make a return. 



Are you interested in learning more about these apps and their features? Check them out in the HubSpot App Marketplace and click on “Company Website” in each app overview to learn more. 


We hope you enjoyed this series, and stay tuned for more app spotlights in the future! 

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