Announcement: Currency Conversion App Now Available

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Ultimate Currency Converter

Automatically Convert Deal Amounts to other Currencies


  • The Ultimate Currency Converter for HubSpot app allows users to convert deal amounts into other currencies inside of their HubSpot deals within seconds.
  • Conversion rates are updated every 60 seconds to give you near real time accuracy when you are using the calculator.
  • You do not pay per user, only per HubSpot portal, and it comes with a free 7-day trial. In addition, users can perform unlimited calculations at no additional cost.
  • The Ultimate Currency Converter was developed as part of the HubSpot App Accelerator program run by HubSpot to solve for specific customer needs.

The HubSpot Solutions Partner behind this app, Bayard Bradford, are the creators of the popular Ultimate Data Export app for HubSpot.

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John Elmer, Bayard Bradford

John Elmer, CEO
Bayard Bradford

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