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Access to products created via WooCommerce integration

I have an eCommerce site using WooCommerce, and orders & contacts from that site get synced to Hubspot.  The product catalog that exists on WooCommerce is also synced, and if I go to Settings->Products&Quotes, I can see all the WooCommerce products in Hubspot.  They are shown with a different "source" than the products that we create natively in Hubspot (which have source "Hubspot").


Problem is, I can't use those products.  In other words, if I create a deal in Hubspot and want to add products to that deal, I can only choose from the products I have created manually in Hubspot.  I don't even see the ones that came in from WooCommerce.  Why is this, and is there a way to change it? 


I would prefer to enter products/SKUs/pricing in one place, and then use that information in many places.  The way it is now, I have to manually replicate the entire product catalog in Hubspot, even when I can see the very same products right there in Hubspot already!  very frustrating...


Thanks in advance!

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Community Manager

Access to products created via WooCommerce integration

Hello @joulecase,


Currently, yep there is a limitation that applies to all products created from an eCommerce integration. 

I was able to find this idea here, that explains more about it.

Upvoting here will alert our Product Team to the popularity of this request. Doing so will also auto-notify you if/when this functionality becomes available within HubSpot. You may read more about how that review process works here.


"Only deals that were created by the WooCommerce integration,can be associated with WooCommerce products. "


I hope this information helps.



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