API Needed for Engagement Details


Hi all,

I understand Hubspot is unable to export engagement details (such as notes, nature of meetings, calls, task, details (text), without an API feed. Which I don't understand as we have two views available (Report>Activities>Details and Report>Standard Report>Team Activity). so surely we could export that same data? 


I'm not a developer, therefore would anyone be able to recommend an easy to use API software, ideally free (otherwise would need to justify the cost). 


Thank you


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HubSpot Alumni

Hi @Loki! We don't allow for all data like this to be exported outside of HubSpot. The reports you're referring to pull from a number of API endpoints that are only available within the App and cannot be exported. You might be able to take advantage of any number of reporting integrations we have with our partners here: https://www.hubspot.com/integrations?q=reports, though I'll leave further suggestions up to the community. Does anybody have any good integrations they've used to export reports?