>> Hubspot CMR vs. HubSpot Sales Free <<


Hi, I can find several sources relating
"HubSpot Sales Free vs. HubSpot Sales Professional"
in which list of limits and unlimits are compared.

Could you please provide me a similar comparison for

"Hubspot CMR vs. HubSpot Sales Free"?

It's important for me cause I guess I have the right to know if some privileges of CMR will be lost once I test sales free.

For example: the limit of 5 uploaded documents is valid only for sales free but it's not a limit in CRM, correct?

And so on.

PS: here is a perfect example of the style of comparison list I'm looking for


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HubSpot Employee

Hello @Gianluca,


There isn't a comparison for Hubspot Sales and the CRM because they are two different tools with different features, but they work in conjunction with each other.  Here is information on what the CRM is capable of, and here is information on what Hubspot Sales is capable of.  In your example of the 5 Document limit - Documents is only a feature of Hubspot Sales, not the CRM.  Having the CRM doesn't change the 5 document limit.  


Let me know if you have any questions.