email template to get tokens from companies not associated or different deal



I have imported 100 companies and others 300 deal customized for my business.

On Email template, i need to send the email with contact information (easy doind this), but I need put information on email template from a diffent company not associated with the contact and/or different deals. 


Contact A1 is associated with company B1. In my email template i need to put information of contact A1 (easy) AND information of the company B3. I expect somehow that on the email template could ask me, give me the choise to choose to put information of the company B1, B2 or B3. The same thing I expect from deals, in the email template I could be asked (or gave me the choise to choose) of witch deal I am refering to. Is there some trick I could use template in this way?


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Q: Get tokens from companies not associated with a contact or get different deal info in an email. Is there some trick I could use [Sales] template in this way??


Short A: No. This not built-in HubSpot functionality.


Longer A:


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If you know which data you want to contribute to each person, you could set that up in a spreadsheet as a new property and then import it. 


For example: If you wanted contact A1 to get company info from B3, and contact A2 to get B5, you could set up a column in a spreadsheet for "Info for Email Sequence" and import these. 
Then in your sequence, use that property to pull in the info. 


Hope that helps.