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Hi Hubspoters:


Wondering what is your best practise when it comes to the Sequences feature? Or if you even see value on them?


We currently run sequences "manually" as follow:

--> Cold email

--> 24h follow up to those who open but did not replied

--> 48h follow up with valued content to those who opened but did not replied

--> 72h soft break up.


Just trying to see what other people do and specially if you guys get a lot of value from the Sequences feature as we are thinking to upragde at some point.




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Hi @alvaranz,


Are you using the sequence tool within HubSpot or the workflows tool? Just want to make sure I'm sending along resources that discuss the right thing. 


For sequences, I think the value is the automation of follow up with leads to ensure you don't forget to follow up, or spend time doing it. 


I wanted to share a few resources around templates that I think might be of interest: 

1. Automate your lead follow up

2. Accelorate your outreach with Sequences

3. Sequence best practices@kcooper  shared some great times on how to use sequences)

4. @boldigital wrote a blog post on how to maximize sequences

5. 10 tips for Using Sequences by @dan_sitton 


I hope that helps get you started and let us know if you are looking for tips on something else!


Thank you,

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