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AnthonyP1 on September 29, 2023
Hoping someone can help me. Overnight, the Hubspot Sales email tracking add-infor Outlook 365 has stopped working for me. I can still find and pin the app when I'm in my Sent items view, but I can't find and activate the app when I'm creating new Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
September 29, 2023 19:05
Hello @AnthonyP1 , Thank you for contacting the community! If possible, could you kindly provide me with some screenshots? This will he...Beitrag ansehen
cdorsey on September 26, 2023
We're looking to implement Playbooks as a way to support new employees and deliver a more consistent client experience. One of the ways we would like to do this is by using Playbooks to outline different types of calls, like training sessions, for i Beitrag ansehen
4 Antworten
Accepted Solution
Vordenker/-in | Elite Partner
September 28, 2023 09:07
Hi @cdorsey . I don't believe you're missing anything, no. As I understand Playbooks, they're used once typically for scripts or other sales needs (...Beitrag ansehen
JHebert on September 26, 2023
How can I edit or customize my invoice template? I would like to remove the line, "All fees are listed in USD and are subject to sales tax (as applicable)".
3 Antworten
September 29, 2023 06:12
Hi @JHerbert , You can create invoices as part of the tools HubSpot offers However, if you run into any limitations with customisation of how the ...Beitrag ansehen
AdityaV on September 25, 2023
Hey community! Not sure why our account was suspended. We haven't even used any campaigns, so what was the reason for us to get banned? Can someone help us out, would be really thankful. Any info needed please ping me
2 Antworten
September 25, 2023 23:32
Hey @Nicole , Thank you for your response. I did that, they say that they don't know why because it's not under their domain, they have built a secu...Beitrag ansehen
ElisadePortu on September 25, 2023
I am really amazed. I have a client who would like to purchase sales pro, but he needs more exignature than 10 per user. In the price list I found that it is possible to buy more, for the professional suite, but it turns out that this is not true an Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
September 26, 2023 01:01
Hi @ElisadePortu , We can help out with this, if you're willing to try an App Partner to provide the eSign capabilities? We have an App on the ...Beitrag ansehen
mvandooren on September 22, 2023
Hello, I'd like to know the following: By syncing products from Shopify to HubSpot, will the same products be added as a products/catalog on HubSpot, allowing to add (the same Shopify) products to a HubSpot sales quote? Thanks,
4 Antworten
Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Gold Partner
September 23, 2023 05:29
@Shadab_Khan We will give it a try. In the final stage of negotiation with a customer, once that is done I expect we can try in October. Stay tune...Beitrag ansehen
KSweeney27 on September 21, 2023
Is there a way to move to the next deal stage if a quote is entered using HubSpot quotes? I looked at workflows, but there was not a clear way to do it based on a quote being entered. My best guess was a deal related trigger being Quote create Beitrag ansehen
4 Antworten
Accepted Solution
Berühmtheit | Partner
September 22, 2023 16:47
Hi @KSweeney27 , since this is a quote based workflow, by definition it can only be associated to one deal, so all good.
AlexMenzies on September 21, 2023
Hi there, is there an intention to widen the scope of the Group Meetings tool? A massive limitation is it's ability to only work with "paid seats", while I have lots of colleagues that are not in sales or marketing and that I need to work with a Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
September 26, 2023 20:44
Thanks for taking the time to reply @karstenkoehler . It is more of a strategic aspect for HubSpot. We do have the paid version and a lot of p...Beitrag ansehen
Melissa_Melo23 on September 20, 2023
Hello, For a little context, we are a school, and we would like to identify our students by Cohort (Classes). I know we can do lists, but I wanted to know if there's another way we can do that, and how to.
2 Antworten
Accepted Solution
Berühmtheit | Partner
September 21, 2023 00:12
Hi @Melissa_Melo23 , If you want to be able to identify sutdents by cohorts / classes, I'd recommend setting up a custom property and assignin...Beitrag ansehen
Melissa_Melo23 on September 20, 2023
Hi, I'm having a problem here, could someone please help me troubleshoot the following error occurring in this workflow I am creating " The property couldn't be set because the contact isn't associated with any target records." For more conte Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Accepted Solution
Berühmtheit | Partner
September 21, 2023 00:15
Hi @Melissa_Melo23 , This likely has to do with the order of your workflow actions. Currently, you're trying to update a deal first before you...Beitrag ansehen
Shades on September 20, 2023
As of July, when saving a quote, the product description doesn't start until page 2; almost like there is a page-break before the first product description. Anyone else run into this? Hubspot said the description was too long. They couldn't te Beitrag ansehen
4 Antworten
September 22, 2023 22:28
Hi @Shades , How's it going? Our App on the marketplace can solve this. You can generate quotes (and other types of document) using Google Docs...Beitrag ansehen
TDaPron on September 19, 2023
Hello Community! We set the inbox up with a general outgoing email address as one does with Hubspot inbox. However, we would like to tailor this to be set based on the user responding to the customers. If it's a sales rep, I'd like the return em Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Vordenker/-in | Diamond Partner
September 19, 2023 19:47
Thanks for the tag @PamCotton Hi @TDaPron , happy to help. The inbox is designed to have the same send to/from email for all conversat...Beitrag ansehen
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