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  • jennysowyrda on March 19, 2019
    36 Replies
    If you are having trouble registering your phone number, please read this post before posting your question. If you are unable to register a phone number with HubSpot, please see this document to verify whether your country number is supp...
    Community Manager
    April 13, 2021 09:15
    Hello @LBattistini , for Italy calls are only available for HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub users, as this article explains more : Suppor...
  • CKYR on October 16, 2021
    0 Replies
    Is it possible to create a meeting link where the user can select the meeting type? In my case I need them to choose phone or zoom.
  • swarlop on October 14, 2021
    0 Replies
    Is it possible to set up payments through the new Payments BETA that does the following: Free 1 month trial with no CC required Close to 1 month require purchase with CC Recuring monthly payments after the 1 month free trial
  • AYares on October 13, 2021
    1 Replies
    Has anyone been successful in setting up round robin meetings and able to have a separate zoom account assigned to the person who is assigned?
    Community Manager
    October 13, 2021 15:14
    Hello, @AYares I wanted to share this knowledge base here with more details and add a few top experts to this matter, @John , @himanshurauthan ...
  • Solved
    JShinkai on October 04, 2021
    3 Replies
    Client booked a meeting using the meeting link One meeting was set as requested 30 minute meeting Title (Client name and My name) zoom meeting link New behaviour approx 50 other meetings set 60 min Title; (no title) no zoom link populat...
    Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
    October 04, 2021 21:17
    Ohk. Hope the issue is resolved then 🙂
  • Solved
    MPhilips on October 02, 2021
    5 Replies
    I'm in the UK and I have a lot of meetings with folks in the US. However, when I try to set up the times under "Scheduling", it seems the meeting scheduling system will not let me start a meeting after 4:45 PM UK time. I have been poking around an...
    Most Valuable Member
    October 03, 2021 03:23
    100% agree. Glad it's resolved 😉
  • Solved
    hwagner on September 27, 2021
    4 Replies
    Hello, Has anyone come up with creative ways to get around the enrollment criteria for Deals that is always based on "At least one associated deal has.." High-Level Example: I need to create a workflow that enrolls a contact based on if all ...
    September 30, 2021 19:23
    Thank you @MiguelGalvis ! I followed your instruction and it got me 90% of the way there, after a little more changes and testing, I was able to mak...
  • Solved
    jahzelda on September 23, 2021
    2 Replies
    This is a request to delete all 5 email templates. I'm unable to delete them as I am now on a free plan and no longer have access to sequences. I give my permission for the sequences to be deleted 5134087
    Community Manager
    September 26, 2021 18:33
    @jahzelda The internal team went ahead to delete all of the Sequences from the account 5134087, so you should be all set now.
  • Solved
    derek4 on September 23, 2021
    1 Replies
    Hi all. I'm looking for a way to create a drop down property in Products that contains a list of companies that have a certain property selected as true. So for example: 1. I open a deal and go to add line items 2. I select a product to add...
    Most Valuable Member
    September 23, 2021 22:00
    Hi @derek4 , It's currently not possible to create a property or a products dropdown which works that way. If you feel strongly about this bei...
  • CMT on September 21, 2021
    4 Replies
    Hi All - I am working with the Hubspot Sales tool and link tracking. Whenever I send an email I get a notification that all the links in my email signature have immediately been clicked by the recipient of the email? Does anyone know what ma...
    September 29, 2021 10:22
    @CMT @karstenkohler I have reached out to Hubspot Support and they are looking into the issue. I will update as we navigate through this!
  • EndOfAnError on September 21, 2021
    2 Replies
    Hi all, I'm a Sys Admin for my company and we're just starting to get to grips with HubSpot. I've set up a Zoom meeting with our MD just as a test of the fucntionality. I created a scheduling page under Sales > Meetings, sent him the link ...
    September 22, 2021 01:17
    Hi @PamCotton , Thanks for replying. There definitely is a link, because it shows up in the Outlook calendar entry and we can launch it from ...
  • Solved
    YGalan on September 20, 2021
    4 Replies
    Hi, I'm trying to create meeting links for one of our sales reps, but I always get an error that there's a problem with creating the link, though it wouldn't prompt what the error is. Any suggestions? Thank you!
    Community Manager
    September 22, 2021 21:55
    Thanks Karsten!
  • Solved
    justserve on September 20, 2021
    2 Replies
    I work with a private school that has 5 campuses and 5 admissions directors. I'm planning on using the "Create scheduling page" option to create a meeting (campus tour) sign up for that integrates with each admissions director's calendar. I'm trying...
    Key Advisor
    September 21, 2021 05:59
    Hi @justserve , If it helps, I work for a University and actually created tickets to assist in this process. I personally have tours available to ...
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