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  • jennysowyrda on March 19, 2019
    36 Replies
    If you are having trouble registering your phone number, please read this post before posting your question. If you are unable to register a phone number with HubSpot, please see this document to verify whether your country number is supp...
    Community Manager
    April 13, 2021 09:15
    Hello @LBattistini , for Italy calls are only available for HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub users, as this article explains more : Suppor...
  • Solved
    Gtwhite21 on July 20, 2021
    2 Replies
    Is there a way to Link a working Excell or Google Doc to the Document folder so that everyone on my team can easily find the document and work on it together without having to download it - save it - then upload it back into Hubspot?
    Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
    July 20, 2021 21:55
    Hi @Gtwhite21 , Unfortunately this is not currently possible in hubspot. In the documents section you can upload the excel or doc file but it ...
  • Solved
    MKardon on February 05, 2021
    9 Replies
    My company has 2 brands. When I create a document it shows the default logo of one brand. How can I assign other documents associated with my other brand to show the correct logo? I can't just toggle between default logos, that would not work. A...
    February 26, 2021 07:09
    Thanks for raising this. We have 4 brands for our 1 company, with a master brand (just created) and 3 brands for each of our prodcuts. Our custome...
  • Solved
    GFarmer3 on December 23, 2020
    3 Replies
    I am sending emails out with a Hubspot Document to schools in a sequence to individuals that I have added to Hubspot. For some of the schools I am getting 100% viewing rate on the document. The seem to all open it shortly after I send it. At firs...
    February 22, 2021 00:01
    We have recently designed a HubSpot plugin called CLoudFiles that lets you directly track file analytics and would be more reliable than tracking ema...
  • Solved
    FlorianHendrick on December 11, 2020
    1 Replies
    Hi, We're using hello-sign to collect e-signatures. Currently our sales reps ask the billing details like address to the customer & put that on the quote. However we we're wondering if we can turn that around and put fields on the form to be...
    Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
    December 11, 2020 17:11
    Hi @FlorianHendrick You can absolutely create custom contact fields for this informaiton and add them to specific forms and then populate yo...
  • Ramel on November 05, 2020
    4 Replies
    I'm re-uploading a PDF brochure to the Documents section. It looks great in the original (left image) file... it looks great when downloading, but the preview (right image) in HubSpot looks horrible with a white streak on the pricing table. Any ...
    February 22, 2021 00:06
    We have developed a tool called CloudFiles that lets you uplaod ANY type of document and automatically converts it into a PDF using our own propreita...
  • Solved
    JBolger on September 05, 2020
    1 Replies
    Hi! We would like to utilize the quote feature more frequently. However, our product SKUs are based on Sq Ft vs Qty - is there a way to have the quote field Qty autofill from our 'Sq Ft' custom property on the Deal Object? Like others, we are usin...
    HubSpot Employee
    September 07, 2020 02:01
    Hi there ! Thank you for your message. I definitely see how this feature would help you to create your quotes. For now, it is not possibl...
  • piercebr1111 on September 04, 2020
    5 Replies
    Hi community - I am new to using HubSpot products and quotes and am trying to create a multi-year deal where year 1 is full price and years 2 and 3 are discounted. I don't see an easy way to do this. I can make the product a constant annual price an...
    HubSpot Employee
    September 04, 2020 09:14
    Hi Bruce, thank you for your message. Indeed, I see that it is not appearing on my side either. I suppose as a workaround you could indeed set this u...
  • erichauser on September 03, 2020
    2 Replies
    It typically takes 3-6 seconds to load a deal in HubSpot. Realizing there's a lot going on in the background in terms of the code that runs HubSpot, this still feels like a long lag to load a page of text in 2020, in a tool we pay thousands of dolla...
    September 04, 2020 06:17
    Thank you. Unfortunately none of those measures made any significant difference.
  • kwoodw on August 21, 2020
    2 Replies
    OUr T&Cs have too many characters for a snippet. What is the best way to add T&Cs to quotes, is there a way to create a template?
    HubSpot Employee
    September 01, 2020 10:05
    I suggest revising this other post Customization of...
  • Solved
    piccirca on August 20, 2020
    3 Replies
    i am using the free crm of hubspot at the moment. just getting my blog up and running. i have one CTA. I was hoping to have it as a download offer on my blog. I would like to only offer it unless the person provides their email/contact info. i setu...
    Community Manager
    August 21, 2020 13:11
    Hi @piccirca , for you to be able to upload files into HubSpot, you will need the File Manager that is available starting with Starter subscriptions...
  • Marina1991 on August 16, 2020
    2 Replies
    Hello everyone. I would like to know whether i am allowed to send(or generate) any documents besides qoutes to a prospect? It might be NDA or something else.Additionally, the document should have an option to be signed ( the same as quotes) - is it ...
    HubSpot Employee
    September 02, 2020 09:03
    Hi @Marina1991 just to complement the previous response. You would be able to send quotes if you have any of our free or paid packages. Take into a...
  • michelle_2n on August 06, 2020
    5 Replies
    Hello all! I am looking into ways that a user can submit a form on our site (name, email, product that they're interested in, etc.) that will then automatically generate a quote through HubSpot. Is that possible? If so, could these quotes appea...
    May 04, 2021 03:12
    Hi @michelle_2n @RDouma @Will42 Please check Windward Hub, you can automate form to quote creation using Hub + Jotform/Typeform https://w...
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