Zoom Meeting Link being populated into a property for marketing automation


Hey Everyone, Im looking for a work-around to an issue.


Issue: We are using Zoom conferencing in our meetings. As you know, the reminder emails are very limiting and we want to have the zoom meeting link in the reminder emails so thtough automation we will send the reminders. I cannot get that link into a property and I was hoping that someone has found a work-around for this?

2 things I need:

1. To get the organiser (person the meeting has been booked with) to become the deal owner 

2. To get the join link into Hubpot so that we send the reminder emails with the join link in it. (I tried Zapier, cant get it done that way and Zoom support is pathetic)


Would greatly appreciate any input

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Hi @SarahStainbank,


I wanted to pull in a few other threads that have discussed Zoom to get the conversation started. 

1. Zoom in meetings

2. Zoom in workflows


In both cases, @MFrankJohnson has been a great resource for suggestions. 


Do you have access to workflows? Using Zoom in workflows could be a good first step in terms of the join link. 




Sarah, did you ever get this issue resolved? We face the same issue in that the meeting reminder emails do not contain the Zoom meeting link and almost everyday our reps encounter people who have not checked their calendar invite for the link. If it could be included through a workflow of automated email reminders based on the meeting date/time that would be so helpful. But until the Zoom link can be inserted into a property field, we're out of luck.

The two article links referenced in the first reply to this thread are not helpful.