With Round Robin Meetings, Specific Invite Email Description for the Employee Meeting is Booked With


When using a round robin meeting, I need the invite email that gets sent to the lead to be unique to the employee the meeting gets booked with. 


Each of my employees has a unique join.me account where they hold meetings. I need the invite that gets sent to the lead to include that information that is unique to the lead. 


And, if you can't do this, then what is the point of the invite other than to have it in the leads calendar? Usually, an invite has information unique to the person the lead will be speaking with...

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @kevinwphelps I beleive this is possible if you have access to the Workflows tool you can send custom emails with personalisation tokens. @KatieSchieder is an automation expert - what would you advise Katie?


I have tried to write this for the last 2 days.  I cannot find the identifying field that indicates who's calendar the meeting is booked with. - 

Where do I find the calendar name field?  

It doesnt seem that the Contact owner is updated when the appointment is booked.

Isn't there a listing of workflows/automation with criteria to build them?


Rep1 is booked for a live demo

Contact gets a FT

Contact books with an Onboarding rep - REP2

This is where it all falls apart -  Rep 1 is the contact owner, and I can't trigger a workflow cusomtized for the Onboarding call - REP2 

How can I achieve this?


I completely agree. I do not need/want to set up more custom workflows when everything is already pulling from the invite description. I would love to just have the description be interchangeable based on the person who is booked. 


I am trying to at least have the location be customized by the zoom integration we have, but need to do more testing to see if what I have done actually works.


Completely agree. 


I have a team of four Account executives. Marketing qualified leads can book a demo via a round-robin link. They each have their own unique Uberconfernce link to send to the customer to join the call. 


It's difficult and time-consuming when a customer gets the first confirmation of their booking, yet it has no information on how or what link to join the conference on. 


Use case: Round-robin meetings mean you have more than one person who can be allocated a meeting. For a meeting link to be functional and frictionless the customer needs to receive a few simple pieces of information on the first invite. 


1. How to join the call (SDR, AE's unique meeting link to join the conference call)

2. A unique link to reschedule the call with that SDR, AE etc. 



Currently, there is no means to deliver a unique meeting link when sending out an invite based on the rep, ae, sdr for whom that meeting is assigned on etc.   


What's the point of a round robin if it can't include a meeting link? Every other tool or system we use can do this. We've decided to stop using hubspot for meeting booking because of it. you're getting less and less "sticky" by the day. 


Same here. Each team member has their own Zoom account, and that is what should be used in the invite depending on who gets booked. Hubspot only lets me put my own link in. I've been using Calendly side-by-side for comparison and it lets each team member connect their own zoom account on a round robin meeting.