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Whatsapp integration trouble

Whatsapp error.pngWhatsapp error 1.pngHello, 

we tried 3 times to connect whatsapp to Hubspot thanks to the new native integration, but each time, we get this message after completeing all the steps (we well received the 6 digits code through the phone number we linked)

Any idea what is the reason ? We tried many times, ans last time with a private navigation window. 

{"status":"error","message":"HubId is not present in any form on the request. Please provide a path param or a query param.","correlationId":"6f20bc01-246b-4eb4-abe8-c89d705c5149"}


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Whatsapp integration trouble

Hi! I am facing a similar issue. Can you please let me know if you were able to solve it? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Whatsapp integration trouble

Hi @Keswin, I hope you are doing well!

I understand that you're attempting to connect your WhatsApp business account as a channel in your HubSpot conversations inbox, but you're seeing the error message above stating that the HubID is not present.


This error message is typically due to your browser environment, so you should ensure that any ad blockers and privacy extensions are disabled. You can try connecting your WhatsApp business account on your Chrome browser (and on Incognito Chrome), but do ensure that your browser is updated to the latest version as well.


Hope this helps, 


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Whatsapp integration trouble

@CdeKermenguy5 I haven't seen this error, but between HubSpot Support and support at WhatsApp, that's where I'd start. It seems that your HubID isn't being recognized in a form, but I don't understand why that would be. 


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