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Whatsapp integration trouble

Whatsapp error.pngWhatsapp error 1.pngHello, 

we tried 3 times to connect whatsapp to Hubspot thanks to the new native integration, but each time, we get this message after completeing all the steps (we well received the 6 digits code through the phone number we linked)

Any idea what is the reason ? We tried many times, ans last time with a private navigation window. 

{"status":"error","message":"HubId is not present in any form on the request. Please provide a path param or a query param.","correlationId":"6f20bc01-246b-4eb4-abe8-c89d705c5149"}


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Thought Leader | Elite Partner
Thought Leader | Elite Partner

Whatsapp integration trouble

@CdeKermenguy5 I haven't seen this error, but between HubSpot Support and support at WhatsApp, that's where I'd start. It seems that your HubID isn't being recognized in a form, but I don't understand why that would be. 


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