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Visualize Tasks Created by Sequences

 I wish I could visualized all the tasks that will be created according to what was previously defined during the sequence creation.

Everyday is a mystery how many tasks I'll really have until the end of the day. 

Is there a way to know that?

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Visualize Tasks Created by Sequences

@kvlschaefer offered what I would @Alekotsugai as far as asking for this functionality, because I don't know of a way visually. However, in Tasks, you can see different views of what's due today, what's coming up, and what's overdue. I've used this to see what's due "today" and it seems to work pretty well since no matter the time of day, today is always today. It's just a list, so it may not be the full visual you're looking for, but it's a start. It helps me know how many tasks I have due that day. 


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Visualize Tasks Created by Sequences

Hi @Alekotsugai,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

I've moved your reply to a new post to ensure it gets visibility among our community members.


I would encourage you to upvote this related product request in our Ideas Forum, in addition to adding your feedback in the thread to show your support for this feature. Our Product Team who monitors the forum regularly will able to read your feedback.


I would also like to add our community members to see have any tips or tricks for visualizing tasks from sequences.

Hi @danmoyle@Jnix284@jolle - Do you have any recommendations for @Alekotsugai? Thank you!




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Visualize Tasks Created by Sequences

Hi @Alekotsugai I don't have anything to add that hasn't been mentioned, but I did upvote and share my thoughts on the idea that @kvlschaefer shared. Hopefully it will gain some traction and we'll see this improvement soon!

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