Using sales rep activity to manage lifecycle


Hi all, 


We're trying to manage Contact lifecycle stages through workflow automation through 3 stages. 


MQL - Marketing already has a firm handle on establishing these contacts. 


SAL (sales accepted leads) - we want MQLs to be converted to SAL whenever a rep engages a lead from outside the sales funnel in a 1:1 activity (call/email/ etc). They would remain here for up to 2 weeks of inactivity, at which point they would revert to MQL in order to prevent zombie SALs from overtaking our CRM (data hygiene!!).


SQL automation to change the lifecycle to SQL from either of the previous two. Trigger criteria is when a contact is added to a deal, but is beyond the scope of this query. 


My question is centered around how the triggers resolve for re-enrollment. 


I have a workflow set up:

>if a contact has at least one associated activity matching call, email sent to contact, or meeting, AND Contact lifecycle stage = MQL;

>set contact property (lifecycle stage) to SAL


It appears to work. Here's my question. 

Say this contact has been enrolled in this workflow in the past, and for any reason, ends up being reverted back to an MQL, and some time has passed. If re-enrollment is enabled, would this contact be automatically bounced to SAL based on the old activity, seeing as how it technically meets the enrollment criteria? 


We would like it to re-enroll only when an activity is created while the contact is flagged as MQL, and the language seems ambiguous. Any advice?


Thanks to all with help, 



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Hi @Psquibbs,


Thanks for reaching out.

I'm going to tag some thoughtleaders to see if they have some input on this.


Hi @slogans @JemmaLegg @David_HubSnacks, could you share your thoughts with @Psquibbs?




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@Psquibbs @JessicaH 


From what you described I do not think it is possible to stop contacts moving back to your SQL Stage based on previous activity.


However, if you could do below "ability to trigger workflows based on relative date properties" that have been raised then you could create a SMART list base on activity relative to the point I would think.


Somebody else might know a workaround Smiley Happy


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I think you will want to use date fields for the entry rules of this workflow. Maybe:


If [last activity date] is after [became a marketing qualified lead date] -> allow into workflow


If "last activity date" doesn't cover all of the actions your reps take, you may have to have an "or" option to compare another date to the MQL field. The idea is to only allow an MQL into the flow if a qualifying activity has taken place AFTER the MQL date.



Last activity date: the last date and time of a note, call, sales email, meeting, complete task, or chat on the contact's record. This is set automatically by HubSpot based on the date/time set for an activity when it's logged on the record. For example, if a user logs a call today for a call that occurred previously, the Last activity date property in the record will show today's date.