Using Hubspot to send contracts to clients?


Hello everyone,,

Searched but can't seem to figure this out.
Can I use Hubspot to send contracts to clients for them to E-sign?
If so, is there a way to upload my current contract from a PDF/Word doc and then make edits to it as needed before sending to each clients?

Thanks much!!!!

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@MItroram you have a few options:


1. Use the HubSpot Quotes tool - you can enter your standard T&C's as a Snippet and insert it into the document and then edit it. And then you can send it for eSignature. 


2. Use a tool like PandaDoc, create your template in PandaDoc and link the personalization fields to the fields in HubSpot, and then from within a Quote - simply select "create pandadoc" and it auto-completes and then you can send this for eSignature.

Daryn Smith
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Just FYI, I'm finding the eSignature limitations associated with the Hubspot quotes tool to be totally insufficent.

It's done via HelloSign (a Dropbox company). Right now on a Hubspot Professional plan there are 10 signatures per rep per month, which is nowhere near sufficient for a company targetting the SME market with a need for multiple signatures per client (quote acceptance, SEPA acceptance, and in about 50% of our cases a tri-party agreement which gives them discounted pricing).

Even in Enterprise, the limit is 30 signatures per rep per month which isn't enough. 

I can understand a "Cap" being included with what is included in the Hubspot Plan, but:

a) you should be able to purchase mor signatures without having to upgrade to Enterprise



b) the cap should be removed if you have a paid plan with HelloSign 

Right now it is a disaster for companies targetting SME. If we had ACV of $1mn, sure...

And from HubSpot's point of view it seems like a disaster. If I can't get my quotes signed smoothly, why use Hubspot's Quotes? And if I can't use Quotes, forget about the benefits of Stripe integration...

Probably I'm missing something, but right now it seems very MVP or not well thought out.