Using Hubspot to send contracts to clients?


Searched but can't seem to figure this out.

Can I use Hubspot to send contracts to clients for them to E-sign?
If so, is there a way to upload my current contract from a PDF/Word doc and then make edits to it as needed before sending to each clients?

Thanks much!


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Q: Using Hubspot to send contracts to clients?


Short A: Ok, eSigning is not native HubSpot functionality.


Longer A

However, HubSpot integrates beautifully with an eSignature tool called HelloSign (among others). The HubSpot-HelloSign integration allows for eSigning of just about anything you can think of ... all triggered from HubSpot deal stages and/or contact properties.


We've setup a few different HubSpot eSignature integrations and find that the HelloSign solution is about as smooth as eSignature's go. Like the internet, once you've used it for a while to speed business transactions you'll wonder how you managed without it for so long.


Our internal HelloSign use case is for NDAs. Fast, simple (once setup), and requires no additional effort on the part of the signers (important).


Hope that helps.






A word of caution. We've also cleaned up a few patch-work eSignature 'integrations'. You'll want to hire someone with experience to get this right for you the first time. Typically, the contract signing stage is considered too critical to screw up. haha 



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Just to follow up on this, the sales enterprise version includes some beautiful tools to create quotes natively inside HubSpot that can be e-signed.  The integration is actually done through hellosign. th limitation comes with services contracts or statements of work as you can not add a secondary document that also needs to be signed.  If you need a quote for services executed this is a great tool to look at, but if you need your document signed you will need to add another integration at this time. 

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Thanks for this explanation about HelloSign / Hubspot integration.


I need a bit more of automation and I can't find out how to do it.

I'd like that every contact that enters in a given list "send contract" be sent a contract via HelloSign, based on a given template I will decide in the list.


I know that I can manually send a contract from the contact page, but I need more automation.


How can I do that?


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In order to do this the simplest way would be to do most of the automation in the other application , hellosign, docusign or DocuPhase for example and then call that automation from HubSpot. You would achieve this by creating a contact based workflow that is triggered by list membership that calls a webhook of the other app and pushes the contact details across. You would probably need to do a little real development work to achieve this.