Use Product Library in Service Tickets?

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Hello all! My research and chats with HubSpot support say this isn't possible, but I wanted to see if anyone smarter than me has had luck with some sort of work-around...


We have about 2,500 unique products, each with it's own unique SKU, and they're all already loaded into our Product Library. We want to include the specific product/SKU in new Service Tickets.


Other than creating custom Ticket fields with all 2,500 products/SKUs, is there a way to pull the info from Product Library into Tickets? 

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Hi @EmmaWashington 


Thank you for reaching out


I want to see if some of our experts have found a workaround for this - @Josh @Dan1 @warrendavey do you have any suggestions to share with @EmmaWashington on this? 


Thank you!


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Hey there, I am running into the same issue - I have thousands of products in my Product Library and I'd like to be able to attach specific SKUs to service tickets, so that we can report on trends and product issues at a SKU-specific level. Wondering if you were able to achieve this using Zapier as suggested in this thread?

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No ma'am, I can't stand Zapier, there's always something that goes wrong. I just created a list and imported those values as drop down options in a new field.


Thanks for sharing your workaround!

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If you only have professional, you could try a middleware like Zapier and create a field, on the ticket, for it to pull the product items into it manually. The difficulty would be looking up the products to connect them.


If you have an enterprise Hub and are able to create custom objects then you could create a place for products to be connected.  The workaround would be in a middleware that would help with the lookup of what they previously purchased. 


Basically, it would copy the items in Products and put them in your custom object. 


Hope this helps.



We have the same issue. We use the Professional version and our workaround is to currently copy/paste the list of SKU's in to the drop-down list on a weekly basis. 


It seems an inefficient use of time when the products already exist within Hubspot and it'd be great if Products would tie in with the Service part of HS.