Triggering workflow off of purchasing item in quote


Is it possible to trigger a workflow off of a specific purchased item in a quote?


For example, when we send a quote in HubSpot and they pay via the Stripe integration we want to be able to:

  • Update Status to Customer
  • Send internal email notifications
  • Send nurturing sequence
  • etc?

I've got to believe this is how HUBS is doing it.

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Hi @TSchwab87,


I believe that by default, you can set up the email notifications, both internally and to the customer, as mentioned in this article.


Regarding the nurturing, I believe there are properties that are updated when the Stripe API sends data back to HubSpot. Maybe others can chime in on those specific fields. When that data is collected, you should be able to set up workflow enrollments based on that to accomplish everything else.


There are also integrations that can help you accomplish this. Notable ones are, Zapier, and DepositFix (@Denis). 


I'd be curious to hear input from others that might be using the Stripe integration and workflows together. 



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Josh Curcio

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Hey @Josh 


Thank you for tagging me 🙂 I think all the information you have provided is really helpful. 


Hey @TSchwab87 


I don't have too much experience with Stripe integration, however, I found this thread in the Community with a similar situation and some of the options that have come up are: DepositFix and Zapier, as Josh has mentioned above. 


Maybe @josh_ames can give you some tips based on this experience. 🙂 


Thank you


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