Transferring Ability to Use Meeting Board to Another Team Member in Free Version




My manager experimented with HubSpot's ability to easily schedule meetings based on  user's availability. Since we only get access to one meeting board in the free version, he would like me to cancel his meeting board, and start my own. How would I do this? We tried disconnecting his Google Calendar, but when I try to set up my account with this ability, I keep getting a notification that says "1 of 1 meeting boards has already been used."


I have his login and have searched his profile and I don't see anywhere to go to cancel or transfer this ability to another user. Please help! Thank you!



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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @nvirzi21 please can you confirm you have followed the below setup steps:


Integrate your calendars using the meetings tool

Integrating your Google or Office 365 calendars with the meetings tool will allow your meetings tool and your calendars to sync. The meetings tool and your calendars communicate with each other so that if you have an event on one of your integrated calendars, the meetings tool will show you're busy for that time.

To set up meetings and integrate your calendars:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • On the left, select Sales > Meetings.

  • When prompted, click Allow to give the meetings tool access to your calendar.

Once you have set up the integration, you'll see your default personal calendar in your meetings settings. You can then integrate additional calendars: 

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • Select Sales > Meetings from the left sidebar menu. 
  • Click the Calendar Integration tab.  
  • Select the Use more calendars dropdown menu to add additional calendars. 

You can only add calendars that you either own or that your email address has access to in your connected Gmail or Office 365 account.  

Your meetings tool will automatically prevent clients from booking meetings during any events that are set to Show as Busy on your integrated calendars. 

When a prospect books a meeting with you, the meeting event will only appear on your personal default calendar, not your other integrated calendars.


Please note: if you have enabled the Google Calendar two-way integration with HubSpot, when you create a calendar event with a contact directly in Google Calendar, the event will sync to the CRM as a meeting engagement. 

With this two-way integration, meetings created through the Schedule tab on a contact record in the CRM will send actual calendar event invitations to the contact. Without your calendar connected, it will strictly just create a meeting engagement on the record. 

This two-way integration is not available for Office 365