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Tracking URLS > Reporting and Attribution

I'm not sure if I'm just overly complicating this for myself.

What I need

Tracking URLS that all go to one place
A single report that shows who's tracking URL produced the most traffic
A campaign that shows the breakdown per tracking url
Deal attritbution for the tracking URL

What I currently have

5 tracking URLS that go to the same page
A report per tracking URL (It seems I need a separate campaign per URL in order to have an overview?)
A campaign that just shows me that all the tracking URLs have originated from social (which we know since this is where its shared)

Am I missing something?
I feel like we should be able to show multiple UTM contents in one report?

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Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner

Tracking URLS > Reporting and Attribution

Hi @squigglebit ,


I haven't seen a report that can do this and agree this would be beneficial to have. I did a little digging in the community and found a few posts that might be of interest or help you find a working solution.


This is an idea for seeing all UTM parameters in one report/view, that already asks for the same thing you're looking for (confirming the lack of capability and need for this report). I suggest adding your comment there and upvoting, maybe we can get this idea to gain a little more traction in the community. 🙂


This is a post about wanting to show the existing report in the dashboard. There is a comment from @GeorgeBThomas that might give you some ideas to create a workaround for the report you're looking for, or maybe he has new ideas to share!


And finally, this post about Hubspot Sources Report UTM Parameters by @MFrankJohnson has a ton of helpful resources and insights about UTM parameters.


Hope this helps!

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Tracking URLS > Reporting and Attribution

Hi @squigglebit 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts here - @Aakar @Ben_M @Jnix284 do you have any thought for @squigglebit on this?


Thank you!



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