Tracking Playbook Answers


Hey Everyone,

I've started using playbooks to give ready made answers so that when we are scrubbing contact data we have clear records of everything we knew for each contact at the time of scrubbing them. Is there an easy way to access all of the answers so that I can see how frequently certain options are selected? I know that they're logged because when I change a question it gives a prompt mentioning that all prior data will be lost.

Any ideas?


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Hello @SpencerHodgson, I will add some top experts to this matter to share their thoughts, @HubDoPete @cooperelias any recommendations to @SpencerHodgson matter? Thank you!



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Hey @SpencerHodgson - a couple questions:

  • Are these properties that only get set through the playbook, or is there some other way they could be getting set?
  • Are you using the option to save the answers to a property, or just using the pre-defined quick answers?

As long as you are saving them to properties, then a custom report showing those properties with a count of contacts for each would be where I would start. If you wanted to try to narrow it down by a time frame, you could try doing a custom report to only show contacts who have a note activity during that time period (assuming you are logging the playbook as a note).


Thanks @cooperelias,

No, I'm currently using a mix of questions that update to properties and questions that do not.

For my purposes, it doesn't make sense to create a new property to update when the question is something like: information known? The main reason for this is I want to be able to know what info we knew for a contact before scrubbing, and after investigating, through a simple note. I don't really see a strong benefit for creating properties for all of this, just so I can make a report, if all I really want to know is what percent of answers are selected by a certain rep or something like that. Again, the main reason I'm asking is that when I change a question which is only using pre-defined quick data, it gives this prompt: 


This leads me to assume that there IS a history of responses, which is all I would like to look at. Another example is a question in the playbook asking whether the rep has found or located another contact from the company. Yes, there are legitimate properties that I could search to show number of contacts associated with a company which needs scrubbing, etc, but it gets very complex (because I don't know if that company already had two contacts, or if it was added later, or added during the scrubbing) and it seems strange to create a property with the answer to that question of: I didn't look yet. All I want to be able to do is look occasionally at how often a rep selected yes they did, versus no they couldn't find someone, vs no they didn't look. 

Is this possible without creating a property that corresponds to each question?