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Does anyone else use texting for their leads, and how do you record them? I usually put them in as a "note" but that doesnt reflect the last contacted property....any solutions?

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Hey @chelocean great question - this sounds like cause for a SMS / HubSpot integration. @Phil_Vallender@Samantha_Alford and @Irene have some great suggestions here: Is there a text notification integration with hubspot CRM?

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Thanks for the kind mention @Anonymous.  That's a great question @chelocean.  Our addon saves the text message that is sent via our service as a note also, although we currently don't update the last contacted property.  I think that's a great idea and it's input like that which has made it a cool tool (I'd love to take the credit but my lovely clients have better ideas than I do lol!).  I'm going to add that functionality this week so it updates the last contacted property at the same time the note is added.  


We're also in the process of saving the message sent as a custom timeline event rather than a note so you can filter the texts better.


Feel free to get in touch if you'd like more detail.




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