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We live in a world that everything is in the palm of our hands....  I would guess that most customers are not email savy or really check their emails every 15 minutes or even every day.  I have come to find out with most of my customers (sports apparel) are not big email people.


I have tried looking online and through the community about text messaging integration and have not come across anything.  Is there a way to send text message to a customer through a sequence or even their profile page?  I can see a sequence where they sign a form and then the sequence starts with an introductory email..  If they do not open the email then a text messgage goes out to them automatically to give us a call.......


Hope that makes sense...  Is this available within the sales platform of Hubspot?

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @str8sports Welcome to the Community. In answer to your direct question, SMS functionality is not available in Sequences or anywhere in the CRM. However, your particular use case is quite valid, and worthy of further discussion. A post regarding this has been submitted to the ideas forum here.  Can you head over and add your feedback for further comment? 


Thank you



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