Task Assignment is not assign to correct person




Tried to create a follow up task on Outlook, but Task is assigned to the COPIED person, not TO the person i emailed to. Why is that so? See attachment below, person i'm writing to is Alon but Hubspot points to David. It happen all the time like that, doesn't Hubspot in outlook recognized Alon since he is already a contact?


Please help me rectify, thanks

To Contact not displayed.JPG 

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @Dees  When using the email function in the CRM, it's best to send an email to one person for maximum functioinality. While I'm not entirely sure why the sidebar is populating with David instead of Alon, you can use search in the sidebar to populate the correct contact, then assign the task accordingly.   


Thank you, 

Ed Justen

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