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Hi everyone


I've recently started experimenting with Sequences -- the functionality has so much potential! But I have run into a couple of issues and was wondering if maybe it's just me and I'm doing something wrong or maybe it's the tool. I would love any advice and suggestions.


1. My content in my first template in the sequence is 80% standard text, max 20% customized content to the recipient based on our initial sales call. There have been a few instances while I'm working on the 20% customization where I accidentally delete content I didn't mean to delete. There is no undo functionality! So I can't easily get that content back. Even if I want to copy/paste it out of another location, I can't close the template editor without eithe cancellng all my existing work, thus losing the customization I've already done for this prospect, or sending the email and starting the sequence. So frustrating!! Help. 

2. Sometimes, while I am working on the 20% customization, I will want to jump into my email inbox (gmail) and check an email for details about the person I am contacting. However, if I am already in the template and customizing the first email in a sequence, I can't get to Gmail. This is also very frustrating. (Gmail is grayed out in the background behind Hubspot.)

3. In general, there's no way to save a draft of what I'm working on. Let's say my phone rings while I am working on my 20% customization and now i need to speak to someone and need to check my email about something. I can't! Again, I have to completely cancel or send! Also frustrating. 


Thanks for any advice.


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Hi @kristainlondon  Thanks for your feedback regarding the Sequences tool. See below for alaternatives to your issues.


1. While an undo feature is not built in to the actual tool, you can use the standard UNDO keystrokes (CMD + Z or CTL +Z or Secondary click > UNDO)  to recover your latest deleted text string.


2. You can open Gmail in a new tab/window to reference previous emails.


3. If you find your self making large edits to your sequence, it would be a better bet to draft those changes in a different text editor (Word, Evernote, OneNote etc etc) and paste them into the sequence editor once you have them finalized. You could also keep a copy of those sequences in the external editor, and do the work of customizing them there, and simply paste the final result into the sequences editor.  


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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Just tried Cntrl-Z and it worked even though undo wasn't avalailable on the right-click menu. Thank you!!! Will give opening up gmail in a 2nd window a try.  Thank you!!