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Suggested Meeting Times - Voting Option

I have a question regarding the capabilities of HubSpot's Meeting scheduling solution. I love the option of being able to provide slot availabilities in my calendar and sending them to my clients so they can select which time works for them to quickly schedule a call. 

However, I am scheduling meetings with my client account for many participants. Essentially, I want to propose multiple time slots and send it to the contacts in my account. Then I would like if those people can vote Yes or No to the available slots I suggested. Once everyone votes I can determine what is the best time for most participants and schedule the call. 

I wonder if there is a function where contacts in my account can vote on the best time for multiple people to join a call? Any advice or alternatives on this would be greatly appreciated. 

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Contributor | Partner

Suggested Meeting Times - Voting Option

Sounds like @PamCotton has a decent solution for keeing the functionality directly inside HubSpot.


Another solution would be to make sure you are communicating directly with the decision maker, and then they on their side can coordinate getting the right people on the call. (it also ensures THEY will be there)


You can also use integrations like (there are a few) that have a built in polling functionality, and that integrates into HubSpot.

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Suggested Meeting Times - Voting Option

Hello @CMcKenna9, thank you for providing all this information about your goal.

I would suggest creating a form with these yes/no options and a box for comments so they add what is the best time,  after creating automation that will create a task/reminder so you can schedule the meetings based on the replies.


Also would like to invite some top experts to share their thoughts, @mike-ward @webdew @DAnaGuiloff any recommendations to @CMcKenna9?


Thank you,


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