Sorting Contacts Out of a List For Sequence Enrollment


I'm probably making this harder than is necessary.

My sales rep has a list of prospects he connected with at a tradeshow. We want to enroll those contacts in a sequence for follow up.

In the contacts view, we apply the following filters:

  • List Membership is any of "Specific List Name"
  • Currently in Sequence is Not Equal to True (that seems clunky but "Currently in Sequence is Equal to False" doesn't seem to work)

The goal with those filters is to be able to easily come back to the list of contacts that we haven't enrolled in the sequence yet - it's a long list and the rep is not likely to get through it in a single session. Seems to work pretty well.


However, a problem arises when  either:

  1. He doesn't want to include a particular contact because they're already in an ongoing conversation.
  2. Someone replies in the vein of "not interested" or otherwise unenrolls from the sequence.

In either of those scenarios, he wants to remove those contacts from the filtered view.


I thought the solution was to duplicate the list so he'd have something like "Tradeshow Contact Original List" and "Tradeshow Follow Up Sequence List" so that the rep could just remove the contact from the latter while maintaining the integrity of the former.

Problem is, he doesn't see the "List Memberships" module in their Contact record, so can't remove them from the list. 

I have no idea how to give him access to that module.

So, two questions:

  1. Is there an easier way to do all of this?
  2. How can I let him have access to the "List Memberships" module?



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Hi. @Blink   Your process looks good here, a bit unweildy, but I don't see away around it at this time. In order for your salesperson to have access to the Lists Membership card, you will need to grant Marketing permissions.  Find out more about user roles here.   


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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