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I am looking to set-up a very specific type of campaign.  The purpose is to send automated reminders about leads at various points.  The timing of the messages I can sort myself but what I need to know is:

  1. Can I add the same person multiple times to a campaign? The idea is that the person will be added over and over again for automated follow ups for different leads...
  2. Can the person unsubscribe but instead of unsubscribing them from the entire campaign, it just unsubscribes them from that 'thread' (lead)?

An example:

- I send a Lead A to John and add him to the campaign.  He starts to receive the automated messages from the start

- 2 days later, I send Lead B to John and him to the campaign again.  He starts to receive the automated messages from the beginning but for Lead B.

- He is receiving automated emails for both Lead A and Lead B.

- However, Lead A turns out to be crap.  So he unsubscribes from receiving these automated messages but still continues to receive them for Lead B.

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Hi @michty6,


HubSpot's free CRM does not offer any tools that allow you to send an automated sequence of follow-up emails, so the process you are describing is unfortunately not possible with your current subscription.


However, our Marketing product contains an automation tool called Workflows that will allow you to send automated emails in this fashion. Here is a guide on how you could set up a workflow that sends internal emails to your colleagues to remind them to follow up with Leads:


Once again, this feature is only available with our Marketing product, which is a paid subscription. That being said, you can start a trail under Settings > Products and Add-ons if you are interested.


As for your other questions, it would not be possible for the Lead owner to unsubscribe from emails for just that one Lead. However, they can be a part of this 'Campaign' multiple times. Instead of the Lead Owner being added to the Campaign, it is the actual Lead itself that is enrolled in the Workflow and the action of the Workflow is to send automated emails to the owner of that Lead, who would be a user in the HubSpot portal. 



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Hey @michty6 I wanted to follow up with a great post shared by one of our Partners, @DavidAlberico who has a great strategy for organising HubSpot campaigns - I'd reccommend checking it out / sharing your feedback Smiley Happy


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