Sequence emailing in bulk still forces you into a queue...


I already commented on a post on this topic but figured I would create my own as well in hopes it grabs attention...

I'm just trying the sales pro trial and was exstatic to finally hit that "enroll in sequence" button after selecting a list of 100 people only to find out they're forcing us again into a mundane queue.... I have to admit I am blown away this has not been resolved yet.  

As a startup company I wear enough hats as it is and I was really hoping that sales pro would eliminate 2-3 hours or more/week of work for me in having enroll each lead into a sequence one by one.  I am not interested in marketing emails - my focus is text-based sales so I know workflows won't help here.

When you create a sequence in the settings menu there is an option to make your emails "send at the best time that's proven to have best open rates."  This would make sense if I can rely on it and apply it to a bulk list - if this is an option, then why bother forcing us to "customize" an experience with every contact?  

Furthermore, the "lock" icon that appears over the "Enroll in Sequence" button is misleading for those without sales professional.  It makes us think we can finally.... finally get away from that queue and just click a button and be done with it.

Hubspot, please offer a choice for people to bulk enroll contacts into sequences and not have to go through each contact at a time.  Pllleeeeease.


Thank you! 🙂

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Hi @Cyno,


The feature you are referring to is the sequence queue feature. The functionality you are seeing is working as expected.


Thank you for your feedback about this functionality. I have shared it with the product team. If you are interested in seeing sequences available for bulk enrollment going forward, I would and following this idea.


Thank you,



This post speaks to me on a spiritual level. I have used several email automation tools and I've never seen this issue. The Workflow features gave me hope that I could create an acceptable workaround. I now know that Workflows and Sequences are completely separate and there is no way to automate one with the actions of the other (which is quite ironic considering they both reside under the 'Automation' tab).


This along with the 150/day enrollment limit, no way to cap email sequence volume per day, no way to control the delay between individual emails, no sending by timezone, etc makes Hubspot hard palate.


If improving Sequences isn't on the roadmap, the very least Hubspot could do is offer native connections to sophisticated email automation tools.