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Has anyone found a workaround on giving users the option to add leads or contacts from Hubspot Salespro into Salesforce (similar to yesware/groove)? The only option right now is to pick between creating Leads or Contacts in SFDC from HS. This is time consuming for Reps when they want to create a Contact via gmail salespro sidebar then have to go into SFDC, convert the lead and attach to the account. Thanks!

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Hi, @Jaimie. If you're asking if there's an in-app workaround with the sales extension, giving you the ability to create contacts instead of leads, there won't be one. The best you can do is look at the AppExchange for tools that can help with bulk conversions. (Alternately, if your org has Salesforce developer resources available, you may be able to write classes or triggers that can help auto-convert those leads. Any attempts to solve for this are unsupported by HubSpot, so you'd be on your own here.)


As for why this isn't possible, there are a few reasons. The first is that, without any account associations, creating contacts in Salesforce from HubSpot would result in private contacts. This can create visibility issues, until that contact is associated with an existing account. (The sales extension won't create Salesforce accounts.)


Any of HubSpot's tools that talk to Salesforce are built using Salesforce best practices. This means creating the lead, working it, then eventually creating it into a contact associated with an account. The use case you're describing - you know the person you've been emailing is qualified enough to be a contact, but yet isn't in Salesforce - is someone that should already be in Salesforce, either as a lead, or preferably as a contact. 


That's not to say you've been doing anything wrong; only that by emailing people in your inbox that aren't in Salesforce, it's outside the scope of best practices, and outside of the default behaviors the sales extension (or the connector) is looking for. 

Brad Mampe, Salesforce Analyst, Fidelity
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