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We are using Hubspot CRM to call around 150 peoples per Salesrep per day. Using call queue in Hubspot CRM is cool but really not sufficient in order to gain in productivity. 

That's why I'm looking to use a software that would automatically dispatch leads between sales as they answer an automatic dialing software. 
I know softwares like Vocalcom do it for big call centers but their solution is a bit too complicated for what I aim to do. Do you know any solution that would integrate easily with hubspot CRM ? 

My needs are : 

- automatically dial the leads phone number and only transfer it to a sales rep when the lead answers the phone

- only assign the lead to the sales rep when they first answer a call (and not before, like it is today)

- force sales rep to leave a comment (pushed to Hubspot CRM) before they can go to the next lead

Many thanks

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @phwagner  You may have options depending on the architecture of your phone system. You can start by reviewing HubSpot direct integrations located here. In particular, the HubSpot - Invoca integration may serve your needs well. 


A quick Google serarch revealed a few other integrations; in particluar Kixie, and Tenfold. You may want to also explore if your current telephony system provides and integration with HubSpot. 




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