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I'm trying to streamline the process for booking demos with our sales team. What we are looking to do is:

1) Visitor fills out request demo form

2) They are shown a shared calendar set to round-robin


This is easy enough as we just embed the calendar on the page the form re-directs to but the problem is that the shared calendar asks for their email address so the flow goes: Form (where we ask for email) -> Another form that asks for email.


Any one have suggestions on how to pass the email over so that the shared calendar shows immediately?

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Hi @dtysick,


While there is no out of the box solution available for this yet, this idea requests this functionality. I would recommend upvoting the idea and keeping an eye on that thread for all updates! Smiley Happy 



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Hey there - There is no way to do this in Hubspot. I've struggled with this for as long as we've been with Hubspot and finally moved on to Calendly+Zapier to handle this.


My workaround is Gravity Forms -> Embedded Calendly (info carried through via URL) ->

Zapier (to update custom date fields and other fields).


The other reason Zapier/Calendly is valuable here is that I can pull any part of the meeting out of the event and use it in custom fields. For example, you cannot use the meeting date within a Hubspot meeting in a custom property. With this workaround, you can.


You will see more bookings off this process just based on less friction.