Remove field from quote template


I'm looking for a way to remove a field from our quote templates.


Can someone push me in the right direction or are fields (like SKU) hard coded to show on each quote?

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Hello @JD_CEG 

If you are looking to remove a field from our quote templates from a published quote, you would need to recall and edit the quote (only admins/users with editing permissions for quotes will be able to do this action in the account).
Recalling the quote will disable the quote link. This quote will no longer be accessible to your customer once it's recalled.
Could you please provide us more details in your second question?  The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can advise on the next steps.
Thank you,
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The reason for wanting to do this is we don't have any data in the SKU field, so when we send quotes, we always have a blank SKU column on there. If we could remove it, it would clean up out quotes


I have the same challenge.  I am a service business and we don't use sku's.  Looking to elimate it from the quote template. 


Same, I was on another Hubspot account and now after a merger I am no longer in the Quote test group. Our quote process is littered with things we dont use. "Start Date, Term, recurring billing frequency and MRR and ARR. This clutters my quote process and I can't even see the product description unless I go in to edit so I can see the line item I've quoted to ensure the quantities are what I want for what. 

It is really clunky and unhelpful. 

I have tried going into the back end and I can't even see where these properties are in order to remove them. A search comes up with nothing.