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Redirect in meeting

Hi I have a question regarding creating a http link or button in a Hubspot meeting. Specifically I would like to a small button that allows Hubspot to launch our tool, which is a web based screen sharing tool, and pass information about the meeting (customer name, email, phone number) to the tool so it can pre-fill those fields. I would like this button or link to always appear in a meeting when someone has the app installed, or if possible, when a specific meeting type is set.

I see that, for example, zoom has an integration that allows this with a simple button click, and I see that that was using internal API's which wouldnt be available to us. Is there any way I can acheive this for a public app, allowing a user to quickly open a our tool from a UI action presented when viewing a meeting.

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Redirect in meeting

Thank you for the tag @MiaSrebrnjak - unfortunately @PShort I don't know that i can help. 


My brain goes to this answer: HubSpot meetings is a way to schedule a meeting, not host a meeting (like Zoom). So I don't know of a way to push a button into an actual meeting, since the meeting will use a tool like Zoom, Google, or Microsoft Teams. Each of these meeting tools has its own screensharing, so I can't quite wrap my mind around how that would work with a different app. 


If I'm misunderstanding the ask, please feel free to clarify. I'd be happy to ask the team I work with. 


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Redirect in meeting

Hi @PShort,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


I wanted to tag in a couple of subject matter experts to see if they have any input on this matter:

Hi @danmoyle@Franci@Bruno_Teixeira, do you have any tips for @PShort? Thanks!  


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