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Product Quantity Property - dictate # of products on a Quote

Can a Deal property be referenced in any way to define a number of product line items to be included on a quote? 


Currently we sell implementation of a Software called SumoQuote - a CPQ software that allows us to define the quantities of a deal. 

IE: Number of sales reps to train


We could eliminate the need for this external software and just use CMS Quotes. The one thing we need is the ability for us to have a deal property "Sales reps to train" 

and if that property is "5" 

Then the Quote Template  "Company Training"  would pull from that property (and in practice, multiple properties) to say 

IF: Sales reps to Train is 5, Set quote quantity 

"Sales rep Training -- $500" to a quantity of 5. 

I hope I am explaining this well. 

Essentially the idea is that if we had a playbook in discovery that collected the variables that define the scope of work. We could use a quote template that configures that price quote based on the quantities in the properties. 

This would eliminate the need for SumoQuote. 

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Gestionnaire de communauté

Product Quantity Property - dictate # of products on a Quote

Hi @AdamSand,



Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


I wanted to ask a couple of automation experts for advice: 

hi @himanshurauthan@jolle@BukunmiOdetayo, do you have any suggestions or ideas how to implement this in HubSpot? Thank you! 


Mia, Community Team  

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