Predictive Texts for Meetings?

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Today when one of our sales people sent an email, she received a sort of predictive text with a link.  When she clicked it, it asked if we wanted to set up a meeting with the customer.  It caused some confusion - could the client see it? Was the meeting for her (the sales assistant) and the client?  The sales rep (who was "Sending" the email) and the client?  Etc.  Through some detective work, we sorted it all out - but my real question is - what caused this predictive text?  Is this something that is part of having the meetings feature tied into Outlook?  Is it another one of the tools?


We would prefer to not have that option on - but if it would involve not using a tool, we'll deal with it.  I'm attaching a screen shot so you can see what I mean.


Thank you!


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Hi @amandabrunish The text that pops in is usually populated from the Meeting Name field in the meeting editing pop out (see attached screenshot). Can you edit that particular meeting to verify the text in the pop-out? 


Thank you,

Ed Justen 


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Hi Ed -


Unfortunately I don't have a screen shot of the pop up, but it created a box within Outlook that asked if you wanted to schedule a meeting.  I know this isn't helpful, but I'm not quite sure how else to explain it. 🙂  If it happens again I'll take better notes as to what happened.