Phone call audio cuts out during web calls

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We've been having a problem with Hubspot web phone call audio cutting out intermittently during calls.  The audio of the person we are talking to cuts out for approx 1-2 seconds, but the call stays active and comes right back.  Sometimes I am hearing a click sound when it cuts out.  It is happening both in our office as well as at my sales rep's home office.  I use Chrome and my sales rep uses Firefox - both of us having the issue.  It doesn't happen for every call but when it happens it's very annoying. Is anyone else having a similar issue or have an idea of why this is happening?  

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Hey @MikeSugrue 


I was checking in our internal systems and I can see we had an issue on the 21st of November 2019 for a few minutes, you can find more information about this here

I am wondering if you still having this issue? If so, could you please make sure you are following these technical requirements to use the calling tool


Thank you