Notification when someone books through the meetings tool?


We have been using the HubSpot meetings tool to invite prospects to book time directly with key staff.  It's integrated with their Google calendar.  The tool works brilliantly.


We were hoping to make it a bit easier to track when this happens.  Is there any way to have it send a HubSpot notification when a meeting is booked?   It would be great if we could direct it to internal staff attached to the campaign the meeting belongs to.


We are also launching a campaign with an external partner and want to be able to notify them with an email when someone comes in through the campaign landing page and books a meeting through the link to the scheduling tool there.


Not sure if either/both of these things is possible, and if they are whether or not they could be added to a workflow.


What we're doing now:


  1. Someone lands on a campaign landing page.
  2. They offer their contact information (name and email address) to download the campaign brochure.
  3. The landing page is attached to a workflow that triggers a thank you page with the meeting link on it, and also sends a marketing email with the meeting link in it as well.
  4. Since the contact has now been added to the HubSpot database (if they weren't already) the meeting gets added to their contact activity.


Question:  can this trigger


  1. a notification to our staff?
  2. an email to our external campaign partner to let them know which of their constituents booked a meeting with us?


Thanks in advance for any assistance someone might be able to provide!



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Community Manager

Hi @sbraiden,


The contact property that is associated with a meeting being booked is "last meeting booked", which could be used to either trigger an action in the same workflow or a new workflow to send an internal email and/or notification after the meeting is booked.