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While we've used CRMs in the past, its mostly been for record keeping however, I would very much like to start using Hubspot more actively with sales and would appreciate some plointers. Our workflow is as follows


1) We get an email or a call from a client or we call/email a client and if they show any interest in our services, I'll create a deal in the first stage of pipeline (labelled as potential)


2) As a team of two, we fix revenue targets for each month between us, not independantly and I'd like an easy way to see each month's revenues as well as how we've done in the past months/quarters.


3) If a deal progresses, we send them more information and documents which I can track through the documents section


4) If it reaches the stage where the client requests a quote, I create one and send it using Hubspot. Does Hubspot track if the quote was opened/viewed like it does with documents?


5) Finally if a quote is accepted, we need to create an invoice- but I guess this is not possible in Hubspot??

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Hello, I'm Brad, a HubSpot Partner and would be happy to discuss this with you. To start, I've tried providing some answers to your questions below. You will find that the solution varies by the subscription that you have.


1. With the HubSpot Sales Professional subscription you would have access to Deal Workflows. This means that you can create a deal based on other interactions such as a property being updated.


2. With the HubSpot Sales Professional you also have access to more reporting features which may solve this item. You may also be able to get by with the following:

a. setup a deal completion stage where all deals end up once revenue is collected.

b. use the column filter option to filter results by the "close date". You can choose a range. From there you can see the total revenue. If you need to further segment revenue by the person assigned to the deal, you should be able to do that to. I find filters to be just as useful as reports in some cases.


3. Deal based workflows would allow you to send emails to an individual if they reach a certain deal stage. This is how I would recommend tackling this one.


4. If you create a quote you are given a link and can send that link via HubSpot's CRM email tool. From there you can see opens and clicks for that email on their contact record. That said, when I tested this out it showed 2 clicks when there hadn't been any yet. I don't believe there is a filter available in Quotes that shows details on if they opened the quote though.


5. For the invoicing question, this really depends on how you are using quotes. If you use the integration with Stripe to collect payments then you won't need to do anything further. If not, then you would need to send them an invoice.  A workflow may help with that piece if you want to automate it, but that doesn't always work for clients since invoices are often issued outside of HubSpot.


Please feel free to reach out to me if you need further help or have additional questions. I can be reached through


HubSpot support will often reply to these threads very quickly as well.