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When I was first able to get into the new quote generator feature HubSpot released into the "Products" part of deals, I spent several hours getting adjusted to how it works and in what ways our sales team could use what is already built out.  I'll stop to say this: It's Impressive. HubSpot put so much thought into what they released, and I'm thankful. However, there are just a few things I'd ask you to consider adding/changing to make the feature a little more versitile for your many types of customers. 

  • Ability to create quote 'templates.' We have certain terms associated with Products versus Logistics Services versus Software. I've created snippets for each, however that leaves more room for error than having an adjustable template for each. 
  • Ability to adjust the coloration of the quotes individually, and not have to change our "favorite" color for chats and meetings, etc. We like the branding options, but a little more flexibility please.
  • *Likewise, the ability to add or remove our HubSpot picture. We use the photo bubble too much in HubSpot as a quick identifier to remove it completely from our accounts when we want to make a quote, but we don't feel the photo on the quote looks as professional.
  • *Adding a Units of Measure column - in just our product quotes alone there could be Eaches, Cases, Boxes, Cartons... I can specify in the description but it's a hassle. More on that below. 
  • Adding an Estimated Volume/Users column - This could be much like your 'term' options, but I can't tweak it to work.   
  • *Ability to format the description of each line item. As it stands, we cannot add all the components of a product or service on individual lines. If you add these currently, they are condensed, making it difficult to read. 
  • *Ability to add fees under each line item, And keeping the ability to add a fee to the entire quote.
  • *Ability to remove or adjust the total shown (in the case of multiple pricing options for one component). 
  • *Giving the option to change the products listed in your Deal. We'd prefer to keep them how they were selected when creating the deal, but having the option is a good idea. Right now, if you update the product in a quote and save it, you directly affect the products shown in the associated Deal page. We hope to see custom reporting options in the future based on the products catalog. If those reports become available, our data will be skewed by adjusted products from quotes. 
  • Eventually having the option to send directly for signature would be amazing, but the options given now are fantastic because we can download and upload into docusign and send. However, we'd gladly cancel our docusign subscription anytime you want HubSpot 😉

*higher need

  • Also, on a small tangent ... we would love to not only send our quotes, but also other legally binding documents. If we could have the ability to form fill much the same way you have the quote built, we'd love to add documents such as 'scope of work,' 'credit application,' and 'master service agreement.' I'm sure many other companies would use this. Perhaps a 'sales professional premium' subscription...?

Again, I cannot express how excited we are to use what you've built. I think it's a gorgeous and simplistic design that will work for many, less complicated customers. But the complicated type typically knows they are complicated and really don't mind paying extra for the services that meet their needs.  

Thanks- Erin

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Hi @ErinStJ,


These all sound like great ideas. However, if you're looking for something that is more customizable that natively integrates with HubSpot I would recommend Pandadoc. It will give you all of the features you request, and natively integrates with HubSpot to pull in the deal information as tokens to jump-start the process of putting together proposal, MSAs, Scopes of Work, etc.


We currently use Pandadoc and love it - it's completely revolutionized how we process client-facing paperwork. In addition, you can also use its eSigning to complete digital contracts. And since it natively integrates with HubSpot, you'll be able to see the information in HubSpot as well.


Here is a link to their pricing page:

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Hi @dan_sitton,

I am new to the Hubspot CRM (Professional) package and PandaDoc integration. You mentioned "natively integrates with HubSpot to pull in the deal information as tokens to jump-start the process of putting together proposal," ... and this is what I'm struggling with. 


Are you able to pull in the "products" to itemize the total "Deal Amount" in the PandaDoc proposal? I know you can with SalesForce but haven't been able to configure it with Hubspot. 


Really appreciate your help! 


Hi @KatlynPlummer,


I haven't yet seen a way to sync up the products from HubSpot into PandaDoc. But if creating from a deal a lot of the other information such as deal name, company name, etc. can be pulled over from the deal.


However, you can create products in Pandadoc and use that to quickly create quotes and contracts - using the product catalog tool. Personally, I like creating quotes from Pandadoc better than the HubSpot products tool because I have more control over the formatting. And you can quickly spin up the quote template from HubSpot by using the integration.


Using the product catalog in Pandadoc and the pricing tables you can provide an itemized deal amount with a total. Plus, it provides a check against the deal amount in HubSpot to make sure they match and the pricing being quoted is correct.


I'm not sure if this answered your question or not, but I hope it helps!

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Adding to Erin's ideas - We just had a client begin using the Quote tool. They love it but would also love to see

  • The ability to manually create and maintain a tax table by state, select the state and have HS calculate amount based on the tax %
  • Ability to customize default expiration dates of a quote to be less than a month -- you can set the custom expiration to be less than a month, but you cannot create a default expiration date that is less than a month
  • Ability to add pictures of products as an option
  • Ability to customize "headings" such as Products & Services

Fantastic improvements which we would love to see implemented, vote up from me!

I have big trouble with getting my proposal signed because of the total which is very confusing I therefore also solely logged the "hide total" case separately right here which might hopefully speed up the pick up by Hubspot Product team.


I agree with all of Erin's suggestions!


Most important is the template suggestion for us.  We tried using Snippets to add specific Assumptions and Terms & Conditions, but the Snippets 2500 character limit is a big obstacle.  Would be much better and save time if these items were part of the template.


Also, it would be nice if we could edit product descriptions to add details that are important to each specific client.  Yes, we can add descriptions in the body but it is very important to add clarification in the product description field as well... especially for services.

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Hello @AaronM,


I would highly recommend you to please post this idea at our ideas forum (here).

Our product team, who monitors the forum regularly, can read your specific use case and understand why this would be a useful functionality or change. It also helps other customers facing the same issue to advocate for its implementation on your behalf by upvoting on the thread as well.


Thank you,


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It would be really helpful to our business if the quotes would list the yearly total when billing quarterly. Currently each quote shows only the quarterly total, but most businesses want to submit a yearly PO for this periodic billing. I think this is mentioned above - hope this is in the works! 🙂


We would also like to be able to have multiple approvers, and only quotes with discount or editted values should be approved.


Requesting the ability for customers to "quote themselves" with optional modules (add a checkbox to the left of the line item) and end-user adjustable user counts. 

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As a related side tangent - it would be great to have the ability to have a line item estimate column / area with different rates, that could just be internal-facing. We currently use Google Sheets to estimate scope, but would like to have it all in one place in Hubspot. So I guess in line with the above suggestions, being able to more accurately customize line items and the ability to hide certain parts of a quote from the client.