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As of September 15, 2017 HubSpot has rolled out access to Meetings to all Sales users. The expansion of the tool to non-Sales Pro subscribers will enable all users to create a meeting link that will be integrated directly with your calendar.


Meetings integrates with your Google or Outlook 365 calendar to give you a personalized page where your prospects and customers can see your availability and book a meeting on your calendar without having to email, follow up, or lift a finger.


Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.57.01 AM.png


How does it work?

Meetings works by connecting to your Google or Outlook 365 calendar. From there you will be able to set your default availability and add the final touches to your personalized meetings page. Once you’ve set your preferences, your link is ready to be shared with contacts, prospects, and customers. Let HubSpot do the scheduling for you, and watch your calendar fill up.

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1. How can I set it up?


Follow the steps outlined in this article for how to connect your calendar.


2. What calendar will the meetings integration connect to?

The meetings tool will connect with your default calendar in either your Google Apps or Office 365 hosted calendar. 


3. How many meetings links can I create?

Non-Sales Pro users can create 1 meeting link. Sales-Pro users can create multiple meeting links. 


4. Can multiple users share a meetings link?

No, the meetings links are specific to the integrated calendar. While every user can create a meetings link, the link will be associated with one user’s calendar and HubSpot login. You can create team links with the Sales Pro Meetings


5. Why can’t I access all of the features associated with the Meetings tool?

While the Meetings tool has been rolled out for all users, there are certain features and functionalities that are only for Sales Pro users. If you are interested in gaining access to all of the functionalities associated with Meetings, you can get more information by clicking here




Troubleshooting Resources


If you encounter any issues with Meetings, please post your question in a new thread on the Sales Tools board and be ready to share the following information

1. The email address associated with your integrated calendar

2. Whether your calendar is hosted through Google or Outlook 365

3. As meetings settings are user specific, screenshots and specificity are always encouraged.


Watch below for a video of a calendar being connected: meetings configuration.gif



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