Moving the message bubble

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Is there a way to drag the message bubble to another area on the page? For instance, if the user needs to move the bubble from the bottom right to the bottom left could they drag the bubble to where it would be ideal for them?

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Hi @RV! At this time, it is not possible to move the Messages icon; it is positioned at the bottom right of the page by default. However, I would definitely encourage you to add this suggestion as a comment to this idea:


Our developers spend a lot of time there sourcing new ideas for the product (particularly the sales product), so it is a great way to make your voice known.


Thank you!


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Standard functionality for chat software - I agree!

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Would love to see this feature added. We have a pop up slider at the bottom of the screen and visitors can't X out of it because the chat icon is in the way. 

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The fact we can't move the chatbot to the left side is a very serious issue for us.


We have a Shopify buy button on our site and the chat box directly blocks the checkout button. We therefore can't have the bot on our most essential page.


Please fix it!