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Has anyone found some more innovative and engaging methods and products for Documents, including measurement, and ideally something that integrates with HubSpot. We find standard PDFs and the like pretty restrictive, and the stats minimal. A client of ours uses Showpad to achieve some of this, but they'd love to be using Documents to do more.


Part of this is a request for HubSpot to iterate on the Documents module with more interactive options (like integrating trackable bookings links in Documents, for example), or ideas for 3rd party, ideally integrated tools, that can help get better response. 


Ideas welcomed!

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Hey @matthodkinson 


This a really good question. I will tag a few of our experts Emoticono feliz     


Hey @MatthewShepherd @Ben_M @Aakar  could you please share your knowledge with @matthodkinson ?


Thank you


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