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Meetings Link Form Popup

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Is there an option to have a meeting link/calendar slide-in similar to a lead capture form? The lead capture form CTA is set up to take the viewer to a form but would rather have that second step be the calendar. 


Has anyone accomplished this? 

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Hi @tonyinn,


Depending on your subscription, the meetings tool does include embed code, which you can use to add the calendar on a website page.


Adding the embed code to a slide out would be an additional layer. @dennis_e@Anton@Stephanie-OG do you have any thoughts on whether this would be possible?


Thank you,


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Hi @tonyinn,

so you've got a "pop-up"-form set up which should capture the visitor and then take him to a meeting link, correct?

As far as I know there is no possibility to create "multi-step"-forms in HubSpot. 

But this doesn't mean, that you can't achieve this. 


For "default" forms(not pop-ups) you could:

  1. create a website/landingpage
  2. embed the meeting on the page
  3. set this page as "thank-you"-page redirect in the form settings

So the workflow is:

  1. the user will fill out the first form
  2. the user get's an email with a message(up to you) and a custom button("book meeting")
  3. the user clicks on the button 
  4. a new page with the embeded meeting link opens 
  5. optional: the fields are already prefilled with the users information(more on that below)
  6. the user opt-in in the meeting link
  7. ...


For "pop-up" forms you could:

  1. Set up your pop-up form
  2. go to the thank you options in the form
  3. add a button
  4. connect the button to a meeting (see screenshot below)

Bildschirmfoto 2019-11-15 um 09.56.16.png



If you want to prefill the user information on the meeting submission you can also achieve this by setting up a custom button in the email which the user will get after the first submission. 
You can read more about "passing data from one form to another" here.




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although  @Anton's worflow would work.  seems like a lot of steps to get to a meeting.

I am interested in this.  can you pass data to the fields in a meeting form?  probably not...


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@Anton Yup, this is the workaround I identified as well but it seems to add more friction to the booking process. My hope to possibly increase conversions is to have the calendar directly embedded versus directing to a new page. 

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