Meeting routing by territory rep


Hi, I'm looking to see if there has been any progress on the hubspot forms routing. 

I haven't been able to find an easy solution to route my prospects to scheduling demos on their own based on sales territories and prospect segments. 


Step 1. Customer fills out basic questions including:

  • Email
  • US state, Canada, or intl.
  • # of employees
  • Custom Criteria question - "Are you operating in multiple states?"


Step 2. Then based on that information it routes to the meeting links of my territory reps.

  • Rep 1. Covers Western US states
  • Rep 2. Covers Eastern US states
  • Rep 3. Covers Canada
  • Rep 4. Enterprise rep covers all terrotories for companies over 50 employees. (as well as multi-state operations)


Step 3. Prospect completes meeting form information to schedule the demo . 


The issue we have is asking this information twice, once to route them to the proper meeting link via webflow form, and second when they fill out meeting form info on hubspot meetings. 

Many customers seem to be filling out the info differently in both steps. 

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Hi @TrevorReeves 


This is indeed a tricky one to solve because of the processing time required to be able to use Smart Content on a page in HubSpot. 


You might be able to get it work if you are prepared to elongate the customer journey a little (not ideal), either by sending an automated email in response to the first form or by adding an interstitial step (a loading screen might be possible), so that you are able to personalise the diary they ultimately see. 

I've heard that Chili Piper may be able to do real time lead routing, but I've not been able to confirm this and I don't see an integration with HubSpot mentioned 😞


Sorry i can't be of more help.


Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies

Thanks for your help. 

I'd really like to avoid calling or emiling inbetween this process. 
My goals are to allow the booking system to be self serve, have all the properties filled out map to properties in hubspot, and have this in some sort of Hubspot reporting to so I can pull reporting based on the meetings booked with my reps. A bonus for being able to pull additional form metrics but not required. 



Lead Routing is indeed a complicated process. You want to optimize the customer experience as much as possible to guarantee the highest conversion rate possible. Getting clients to answer forms is definitely not ideal. From experience, it’s hard to get them to fill out even just one form. I can’t imagine how doubly difficult it would be to ask them to do it twice! Phil was right. While Hubspot doesn’t yet offer this integration,  Chili Piper does. This routing and scheduling tool automatically qualifies and routes leads to the appropriate sales representative for a much easier transition.