Meeting re-confirmation for anxious clients


Hi, I have the case that we put the Hubspot Meeting link on our website (we use round robin distribution) and sometimes the same clients book 2 or 3 meetings in a row, blocking a lot of time on the AE agenda. 

Is there any way that: 

When a client puts his/her e-mail address, the system checks if there is an already booked meeting for the future. If there is, ask the client to confirm that meeting or cancel? 

Hope this makes sense. 

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Hi @andrulobruzzo ,


Thanks for sharing your query in the Community.

Hmm, I can't think of a good approach off the top of my head🤔@Bryantworks and @EmmaWashington , do you guys have any ideas/thoughts? 

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Hey @andrulobruzzo,


Unfortunately this doesn't currently exist on the platform.  But you can certainly post it as an idea in the Ideas Forum!

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Hi @andrulobruzzo! Unfortunately, @Bryantworks is right. But I wonder... are you sending confirmation emails when a client books a meeting? And if you are, maybe you can add a line of text into the body of that email that says something like "need to cancel or reschedule? click here!" for those customers that realize they booked too many times?


Hi Emma, thanks for your feedback. 
We do send emails. The issue is that in a very transactional market as the one I am, clients maybe enter the link 2 or 3 times and don't realize they have an invite on the email.

Question: how can you send the "need to cancel or reschedule: click here!"? I thought this was only on