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I'd like to be able to create a meeting link that references a blank calendar, rather than the calendar owner's availability. When attending trade shows, sales reps are out of office so they are "busy" on their calendar. However, this means we have to manually schedule meetings at trade shows and events, rather than being able to segment our meeting links to other calendars. The sales rep cannot simply clear their calendar though, because if a prospect or client that is not at the tradeshow/event would like to use the sales rep's meeting link, they would appear available when they are not.

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Hi @Natef34 


This isn't possible currently - I was looking for the same thing this week - but its a really great idea! Please check if it exists in the ideas forum and if not, post it Smiley Happy



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Admittedly, your HubSpot Meetings use case may be a little different than ours. But, we think you'll find this post helpful anyway.

- see HubSpot Meetings Sucked Until We Discovered This


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