Meeting Reminders using Zapier


I am not sure where to put this, so I am putting this here for anyone else interested. Since HubSpot Sales does not support auto meeting reminder emails - I wanted to post my solution. I am using GMail and using Zapier it is really easy to set up reminders - but it is confusing how you have to do it in Zapier.


1) Create a Zap that triggers off Gmail time to start on an event. In the search term field put your name "First Last" as that is what HubSpot sales names events "Guest Name and Host Name" so this will grab any event that matches your name in the subject.

2) Next, choose an app to test (I used a DM to Slack). Because Google only provides a test record in Zapier, it is missing the "attendee_emails" attribute. However, once you run the zap and go back into Zapier and grab a real record from step 1 to test with, you'll see the attendee_emails in there - comma separated.

3) Replace your test app with GMail or whatever your mail client is. Create the template and use the "attendee emails" attribute in the "to" field for the email.


That's it! Now you'll be able to send reminders at whatever schedule you want. I use 24 hours prior and 1 hour prior as two separate zaps with diff language.


Optionally, if you really want to get creative, you can add some text into your event description ie. "PRODUCT DEMO" or "COMPANY NAME MTG" and then add a "Filter" step inbetween the calendar and mail steps. Filter off of Description contains your text from above "ie. PRODUCT DEMO" and then you can really customize the subject, message, etc.


This took me a couple days to figure out so hopefully this saves you time 🙂

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Hi @joeolsen thanks for sharing your tips. We really appreciate this type of contribution, sounds like a great solution! 


This is great stuff, Joe. Thanks for sharing.


We do something similar to remind people of calls with our sales reps by monitoring their calendars for specifically named meetings and then emailing the attendees from the rep's email.  Works a charm!


I wrote a blog article on HubSpot and Zapier (some of which will be 101 material for you), but there are some cool tricks in there that may help in future endevors.


I've done this but I'd like to be able to remind them about the actual time of the meeting. I'm trying to insert the time via Zapier and reformat it using their Reformatter, but it doesn't pull in the time, just the date. Any ideas?